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Our Experience!

In this type of service business, much of our work is establishing and maintaining a good reputation. We have always grown by word of mouth. Our technical know how is backed by experience and many satisfied customers. The links below will help you to get to know us more thoroughly. We look forward to knowing you!

Venues we've worked in or at ...
These will give you an idea of places we've been. Of course no two places are alike and we have and will adapt to most anywhere that sound is needed. We concentrate on making your event what you want it to be, and sounding how you want it to sound. We ask lots of questions so that we can prepare to make your event a successful, wonderful sounding one.
Ministries we have worked with ...
We have had the pleasure of serving the Lord with many different ministries.  We would love to add a link to yours on this list.  We have played an active role in seeing many souls won to Christ and we intend to continue until Jesus returns.
Artists and performers we know from experience ...
Here is a partial list of performers we have run sound for.  The Lord has opened many doors here and we feel very privileged to work with the many talented people on this list.  If you would like specific references they can be arranged, we look forward to working with you!!